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Artist's Statement

"Capturing moments in time... is the essence of my photography.  For I know that whenever I press that shutter release, the image just captured on film is completely unique in all of the world - and can never be duplicated.  Yes, there are thousands, if not millions of images of Yosemite Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and even the ruins of Machu Pichu, Peru.  What makes each and every one of those images unique, is time.   The memories and experiences of capturing an image are preserved forever; each image stamped with it's own moment in time." - Lon

Lon and Scout

Large format process

Lon, JoAnn & Scout


Lon first discovered his love for photography at the age of twelve while on a family vacation to Glacier National Park. His father questioned why he took so many pictures of the mountains... Lon's only response: "Because they're pretty."

While attending college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Lon took two basic courses in photography; color and B+W developing.   The Kodak Instamatic camera used in Glacier National Park had now given way to his father's Yashica 35mm rangefinder.  In the years to follow, he had a camera with him while enjoying the great outdoors; backpacking in places like the Sierra Nevada's, Yosemite, the Trinity Alps in California and back again in Glacier.  A trip to Denali and Kamtai National Parks in Alaska brought Lon some experiences he will not soon forget.

The style and vision of Lon's photography has had many influences.  Being involved in the local camera club for many years helped hone the skills of composition and taught Lon the importance of interacting and learning from his fellow photographers.  A significant influence on the direction of Lon's photography was attending a workshop by Nature photographer, Ron Sanford.  Ron was impressed with Lon's work and suggested that "...if you want to compete in the world of pretty pictures, you can give yourself an edge by shooting large format..."  It took nearly 5 years before that advice really sunk in and the transition to 4x5 large format photography wasn't an easy one.  Once the realization that trying to use both 35mm and 4x5 formats at the same time didn't work, Lon made the decision to make 4x5 his priority.  Developing patience behind the camera and pre-visualizing a scene brought back the joy of photography while continuing to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

The ability to "see," compose and visualize an image has certainly been influenced by the many great photographers of our time.  Striving to be like the best has made Lon a better photographer.  He now takes all those skills and influence in creating images with his own unique style and vision.  Lon would also like to acknowledge the support and encouragement from his family and friends.

Lon makes his home in Livermore, California with his wife JoAnn, son Kyle and their dog, Scout.  He has worked full-time for Hewlett-Packard since 1982 in field customer support; currently as a Storage Consultant supporting high-end disk storage systems.  Although photography doesn't pay the bills, Lon's always itching to spend what time he can out trying to capture those moments in time......

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