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Lon takes great pride in his work creating and capturing scenic landscapes and intimate portraits of nature.  This passion translates directly to the processing, printing and presentation of each print.  With the advancements in digital technology, the photographer now has more control over the entire process and Lon takes great care in presenting the print as close as possible to the original transparency as well as his interpretation of how he viewed the scene at time of capture.  Digital processing of the scanned image is only done to the extent that could be done in a traditional darkroom; contrast and color ajustments, dodging, burning, dust/scratch removal, and sharpening.  

When viewing individual images in the many galleries of lonoveracker.com you will find a "Purchase Print" link.  Selecting this link will open up a new window with pricing information and a link to take you to a shopping cart at PayPal.com where you can purchase the print with your credit card or PayPal account.  It's easy and secure.  However, we understand some folks may wish to send a check or money order - if this is the case, please use the Contact page and submit your request.  Please include your name, address, email, which print and size, and any other questions or instructions.  Thank You for your interest.

Limited Edition Prints & Standard Open Edition Prints

Lon will designate a maximum of 15% of his images for Limited Edition (LE.)  Each print is signed, numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.  Once an image sells out of an addition, no more prints can or will be printed.  These Limited Edition prints will be strictly confined to a maximum of 100 prints.  Pricing is tiered and price will increase when there are only 25 prints left in the edition.  One print is reserved for the artist, so there will be 99 prints available in the collection.  Open Edition prints will also be signed, but have no limitations on the number or sizes of prints made.


Prints 16x20 or larger are professionally printed using Fuji Crystal Archival photo paper.  Lon personally prepares the files necessary for these prints to ensure the prints are made to his standards and acceptance.  These archival prints have a lifespan of up to 100 years and are the highest caliber photographic prints available today. These prints may be printed with either the LightJet or Chromira printing process and equipment.  Unlike the inkjet processes, the LightJet and Chromira process exposes Fuji photographic paper then the print is processed in traditional photographic chemicals.  The printed results are superior in quality, color and sharpness.  Unless otherwise requested, all prints come in a glossy finish.  

Prints up to a maximum dimension of 12"x18" are printed with a Hewlett-Packard wide format Inkjet printer and HP's Vivera Inks.  HP's paper/ink combination also result in 100 year fade-resistant and color archivability.  Both the LightJet, Chromira and Inkjet long term archivability assume that the print is under glass and protected from harmful UV rays, water, extreme heat and humidity.


All the mat and backing board used to surround the print is made from acid-free, museum-grade material.  This insures the longevity of the print.  Unless specified, the prints will be double-matted with white mat board, or with 8-ply 100% cotton rag single mat for 20x25" or larger prints.  White allows the print to stand out and will match any frame you may select.  At your request, Lon will work with you to select a custom color mat combination to bring out and enhance specific colors in the print.  Lon does all the mounting, matting and framing for prints up to 20x24.   - Lon takes great pride in his work and it will show in the selection and presentation of matting.

Lon will sign the print and/or the mat for you.


Framing your new nature fine art print is what brings it all together.  Unless specified, the default frame will be a 1.5" matte black frame.  Other frames can certainly be requested - just make sure to let Lon know when placing the order.  The width and depth of the frame will be appropriate for the size of print.

A quick note about having prints matted and framed.  Lon highly recommends to call around and price matting and framing services.  In most cases, having a print matted and framed will cost more than the print itself.  Check around and please consider purchasing the print matted, framed and ready to hang.

Print Pricing

Please contact Lon through the contact form or image links for pricing.  
Each image is printed with a 1" white border to allow for title and signature.  Additionally, the added border allows the print to lie much flatter on the backing board.  Traditionally, the double-mat covers approximately a 1/8" border around the print.  Alternatively, and at your request, Lon will use a single mat revealing the white border of the print and signature area.  By default, the print will be signed, but covered by the matting; The mat will then also be signed.
Every image is unique and may have slightly different dimensions depending on cropping.  All the shortside dimensions will be as listed.  For example, a 16x20 inch print will be 16" on the short dimension.  The longer dimension could be different, it may be slightly longer or shorter.


Shipping prices vary and will be added to the total at checkout.  For the prints only, shipping is 5%. Prints in mat or mat/frame, shipping will be 10% of the order.  This is for shipping within the United States and Canada only.  For international orders, shipping prices will be determined at time of shipment. California State sales tax will also be added at checkout.  Please allow 3 weeks from the time of order to receive your print.

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