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As an alternative to the Gallery links, we have added a Search feature to lonoveracker.com to allow visitors to search for specific images, subjects or categories.  The Gallery navigation menu above is recommended for browsing the categories and to familiarize yourself with the available subjects and locations. There are currently over 465 images in the database.  Please review the Copyright Information page; all the images on lonoveracker.com are Copyrighted. If you would like to use an image, please ask.

SEARCH TIPS:  This is a simple database search.  Use single words, NOT phrases or multiple words.  For example, use “aspen“ and NOT “aspen tree,“ or “aspen leaves.“  For example, “aspen“ currently returns 80 records, while “aspen tree,“ only returns 18 records.  Search words are NOT case sensitive.  It is recommended that you at least review the Gallery selections in the navigation menu before entering keyword searches.  In other words, if you review the current “Locations“ list, it's unlikely that entering “Tibet“ in the search box will yield any results. :-)

To begin a search, enter your keyword in the box below and click submit.

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